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Torro – true to original models in premium quality!
Our Torro Pro-Edition tanks are manufactured with up to 95% metal content. Available with the latest Ready-to-Run technology for immediate driving fun as well as high-quality kits for ambitious model builders.

BB RC Tanks

True to original historical RC tank models with BB function. The (BB) firing function is an airsoft gun system that can shoot 6 mm BB bullets up to 25 metres away.

IR RC Tanks

The IR firing function is an infrared system with IR receiver, standard with a barrel retraction mechanism with muzzle flash and a special hit effect. Whoever gets 6 hits drops out for 30 seconds and has lost the battle.

RC & Static Kits

High quality model kits from various manufacturers as well as Torro’s own developments static or RC-capable for the hobby and professional model builder.

Military Figures

All figures of this series are especially elaborately designed and crafted. Each figure is very detailed in 1/16 scale and hand-painted. Some of the figures come with special accessories.

RC Cars

Cool remote controlled RC vehicles of all kinds, focused on original military vehicles in high quality with numerous functions provide long-lasting fun.

RC Military Boats

For fans of military models at sea, we offer a selection of detailed remote-controlled water vehicles for perfect boating in freshwater waters.

Design accessories

You will find special accessories to make your vehicle or RC tank model even more individual and realistic. The accessories in this are available in 1/16 scale.

Stickers / Decals

We offer decals for our vehicles and RC tanks from all military areas. Whether turret number, bar cross or red star, you will always find your suitable decal.

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